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The Big House is the official museum of the Allman Brothers Band and is located in Macon, GA. Come discover the largest collection of ABB memorabilia in the world.



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  • BILL Diehl

    Being The Allman Brothers Band fan I am and have been since early 1970. And ‘Dreams’ being the first song I ever learned on drums in a band. This is my way of thanking them for some of the best music ever recorded in my humble opinion.

    My personal review of ‘Dreams.’ Written by Gregg Allman in LA, sometime in the latter of the 60’s… Performed by The Allman Brothers Band 1969.

    What I’m about to PEACH… I mean preach, is gospel… No if, ands, or buts.

    Your one deranged and lost soul if you don’t worship this amazing, almost to the point of being a phychedelic bluesy cry into the wilderness through those awesome vocal chords Gregg Allman was blessed with. Gregg was also known to growl at times in such an honest way, you really believed him. Almost to the point of feeling his pain.

    The only better version than this studio version from their first album is the live version preformed at the 2nd Atlanta International Pop Festival in Byron Ga. July 3 & 5 [actually 3rd & 6th] of 1970. Gregg and Duane, along with Dickey, Berry, Jaimoe, and Butch, were in rare form.

    Gregg took his amazing vocals to new hieghts that day. Skydog soared to the point I get cold chills everytime I listen to his amazing solos. Certainly one of the best slide solos ever recorded. And Berry, he blew me away that day and showed the world how gifted he really was. The way he played off Gregg’s voice and Duane’s leads were phenomenal. Dickey is an excellent guitar player and singer too, and he just fit the band so well as did they all.

    Last but certainly not least, Butch and Jaimoe played brilliantly together, as always. But the way everybody in the band was feeding off each other this weekend in 1970 was opening up doors that lead to a creative mega blast. Which in the end, created this musical masterpiece.

    I honestly believe God sent The Allman Brothers Band down from some other demension as gift to mankind.

    RIP my most beloved band of all time… And Thank You for Blessing Us with this Unique, Awesome Band Lord.

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