Music for the Troops

Our 2003 Music for the Troops Drive was very successful.Music for the Troops

At right is a picture of Greg “Santa” Potter with all the stuff we are sending over to Iraq and a letter we have enclosed in the package.  We would like to thank ‘Hittin the Note’ magazine, Red Dog and all the fans
that sent us music.

Here is a copy of the letter that we sent with the packages:

Music for the Troops



Dear Troops,


The members of GABBA, the Georgia Allman Brothers Band Association, and ABB and Gov’t Mule fans and all live music lovers wanted to show you how much we appreciate what you doing for us over there in the Middle East.  We decided to do this by sending over live music for you to enjoy.  We put the word out to GABBA members, ABB and Gov’t Mule LISTSERVs that we were collecting live music to send to the troops.  The response was overwhelming.  We received over 200 CD’s and over 100 cassette tapes.  We received music from Florida to New York, from California and even from Germany. The music was varied as well; we got lots of ABB and Gov’t Mule, and we also got Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Grateful Dead, etc.  Our friends at ‘Hittin the Note’ magazine also wanted to get involved and sent us back issues of the magazine, T-Shirts, caps and stickers.  We are also sending some GABBAfest T-Shirts.  Red Dog, the famous Allman Brothers Band roadie, sent us a whole case of his “A Warrior’s Song” CDs.  Red Dog was a Marine in Viet Nam so he knows more than anybody what you are going through and he wanted to show his appreciation and respect for what you do.


Please accept these gifts as a thank you to all the soldiers who are fighting to keep us safe and free.  Please distribute the music as appropriate and pass along to other soldiers after you have tired of listening to them.   We would love to hear back from you and possibly get a picture of some soldiers wearing the T-Shirts and/or listening to the music that we can post on our website at  The pictures may possibly be published in a future issue of ‘Hittin the Note’ magazine as well.


Thanks for everything,



Greg Potter

President, GABBA

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