by “Purple Lady” Abby Purser

It was like yesterday…there at the Douglass Theater in Macon, Ga. I saw my friends/family from last years Midtown Atlanta! I felt at home once again…I knew that I was on my way to an incredible time! I arrived at The Douglass Just in time to play some percussion with Tony Tyler & his dad Stan Killingsworth, a fine musician in his own right…with Tony, well it was just the tip of the…
I began running back & forth, talking to this one and that one. I hung out with some friends from Florida; Carol, her husband & daughter, Heather…Happy Birthday Heather!

The weekend seemed to spiral up from there. I became involved with GABBA almost right away. This was my first experience with GABBAFEST, but it sure won’t be my last! The feeling of FAMILY and the SPIRIT of THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND still lives on!! I was so happy to meet and get reacquainted with so many cool folks! I felt like I knew Greg & Barbara as soon as we
met, then as we got to talking I realized we were on the same wave length…as I did at the Cherry Blossom Street Party, and later at Macon Music City Grill with Left Foot Down, They kicked butt!!

Thanks to all who were so helpful and friendly, I will be spreading the word to Southern Ga. Many here will want to be there, With GABBA and The Family of Brothers & Sisters!!

Yes It was a spiritual and fun filled weekend, from The Douglas Theater to Cherry Street…It was a GRAND celebration for all!!! Y’all were FAR OUT!
Love and Peace ’till the Next One,
Abby-Purple Lady

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