Previous GABBY Award Recipients

GABBA has presented this award to the following very deserving individuals and groups:

1997: Phoenix Studiosmama's gabby H & H

1998: Mama Louise

1999: Gov’t Mule

2000: Kirk and Kirsten West – The Big House

2001: Founding GABBA board members

2002: Chank Middleton

2003: Joe Dan Petty (posthumously)

2004: Gregg Allman, Jaimoe, Butch Trucks and Dickey Betts

2006: Willie Perkins

2007: The Roadies: Red Dog (Joseph Campbell), Mike Callahan, Kim Payne and Tuffy Phillips

2009: Hittin’ the Note

2010: Bill Ector

2011: Greg Potter

2012: Ed Grant; Surelle Pinkston, Kyler Mosely

2014: Galadrielle Allman

2015: Captain Skipper (Skip Littlewood); Mercer University’s Robert McDuffie Center for Strings

2016: Glenn Harrell

2017: Steve and Terri Teodecki

2018: Richard Brent

2019: Alan Paul, Johnny Sandlin (posthumously)

2020: No GABBAfest (COVID pandemic)

2021: Laraine Potter

2022: Paul Hornsby

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  • Jill Yancey Hill

    Awesome! Tucked up here in this tiny corner of Northwest GA I feel I am alone in my life long following of the Allman Brothers Band. My daughter was born October 29th. All the years of knowing Duane passed away I didn’t know the date. I wish I had known earlier this bit of trivia. Now in my 50s certain songs I here take me back to my rocking youth!! But now in my 50s I truly appreciate the blues Duane so loved and the Jazz/blues mix Gregg loved. I admit country music got into my blood after growing loving horses and marring a cowboy but all comes to a stop, my family gets quiet and respect is in the air when any Allman Brother or Gregg Allman song comes on. My family knows my siblings and I grew up loving the jazzy blues that only the Allman Brothers and their band members could make. When I was 12 my olds my oldest brother passed away in an accident. He is the one who got me to listening to the Allman Brothers. My brother was a gentle soul who could relate to many of the songs of the band. He delighted in explaining which songs were remakes of older blue songs and the ones that Duane and Gregg and the band wrote themselves. When he was killed in his accident Duane’s version of the Midnight Rider ran through my mind over and over. I to this day here it and am taken back to the day we buried him. I suppose till I die the songs of the Allman Brothers Band will be in my heart.

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